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In chapter one I described my first night at June's house, and my first sexual encounter with June. You also learned, as did I, that I was now her second boyfriend with a larger than average cock. June and I attended the same college older women photos so naturally we had some mutual friends. And that June planned on us having fun together.

If you read it you can skip to the next paragraph. Despite her ADD (and with the help of a very strong amphetamine prescription) Allie fishes, hikes, swims, white-water kayaks and goes bird watching. One of them was a professor's daughter who we can call Allie. I needed a place to sleep, June and I were friendly acquaintances, we seduced each other and I - confirmed bisexual though I was - lost my anal virginity to her long black dildo, "Charles.

" Well, her finger first, then Chucky. Slightly athletic, but still soft and girly. We must have spent half the time in bed. In the week since I'd landed at June's I'd become her toy. Beautiful, in other words. She was, and remains, mature women an inspiring female. June and I had a completely open relationship and made no secret of it.

Needless to say she has a strong, tight body. Looking good is hard work for me. Ever since I'd told her my schedule, I always seemed to see Allie when I came out of the gym. That and my still pretty rigorous physical fitness regime.

That coupled with the well-fucked-glow of a satisfied woman made me very attractive in our circle of friends. She'd look up wistfully at the ceiling after she'd come that way and if I were psychic I'd say she was imagining she was me.

I liked her too, and was attracted to her, but the fact was that I'd gone from being in one relationship to another and June had kept me so satisfied I didn't seek any other pussy. Not that our activities were limited to the bed. But she saw how Allie looked at me, and how I held her hand, and so she decided to play me for her as well.

It was obvious she liked me, and I thought it was cute. She'd made it perfectly clear I could do whatever I wanted and I knew she was active with another man, hypothetically, but I was the hot new song and so for right now she played only me. One day while I dutifully ran the fucking treadmill (and, oh, how I hate running) June intercepted Allie on the way to the gym.

Despite biggish, perky tits and a round, hard ass to die for she'd never had sex with a man&. What time I spent not in class, sleeping, cooking, fucking or socializing was spent in the gym. June also learned that Allie'd been watching me exercise from across the hall for a month and a half.

June, god bless her, has a huge heart with hotolderwomen a lot of love to give so, as I got off the treadmill she walked into the gym and told me she'd left a roast in the oven and we had to get back to her place right then, no time for me to shower. only her girlfriend, a 30-something woman a state away. Alright, let me grab my things and we can boogey, baby!

Something you may not know about a genuinely intense workout is that it makes you hungry, horny and tired. Allie in tow, the winter air freezing me in my wet gym clothes, we merry three piled into June's car. And, naturally, sweaty. The content of their conversation, I learned years later, was that at 19 Allie was still a virgin.

Frankly I thought I stank. Allie would tell me later that the smell of my sweat pushed her over the edge. This one was short, though. I was just washing the shampoo out of my hair with my eyes clenched shut when I heard the shower curtain opened. While I steamed myself like a lobster, June and Allie were having another conversation.

" "Yeah, right," I could hear her smiling, "couldn't wait. I rinsed off my black, shoulder-length hair and opened my eyes and there was June&. " "Hey, what, couldn't wait for Allie to leave? The moment we got to June's I hit the shower, stripping as I went, and let the hot water melt me a bit. "Hand me the towel," I asked, smilingly, of Allie. That wasn't her plan, as a matter of fact she loved me to tell her about other girls I'd fucked while I or her or both of us played with her clit.

and Allie, eyes wide as dinner plates and mouth agape. Unbelievable how the simple pleasures are the greatest. She was frozen in place, though. " She closed her mouth. I hadn't known for sure before that she was a virgin but the way she stared at my cock I could tell.

" I turned to face her, I knew she loved the view. I twisted my hips and slapped my cock on my belly in time to my words. June was smiling and trying not to fall over laughing. I, thwack, said, thwack, are, thwack, you mature women pics catching flies? Allie tells me she felt like she was watching a movie directed by herself on the subject of her fantasies. I took the soap and June left, closing the door after herself.

Might have been the first time she'd been that close to one, even. Allie watched my every move. "Are we going to stay in the bathroom? I made sure to give her a good show as I soaped up and rinsed off then stepped out of the shower, reaching around her for the towel.

" I replied, and smiled at Allie. I went to the bedroom to get dressed but June stopped me. She looked away, blushing and smiling. I'm going to go get us all some lunch. " June took my head in her hands and kissed me on the mouth, then looked at Allie and slapped my ass, hard, and winked. I think she might be a virgin.

Allie looked away and blushed, moved so I could open the door and we rejoined June in the living room / kitchen combo endemic to guest houses in the north east. "Just kidding, I still need to soap up. "I feel a bit underdressed," I said, and kissed Allie on the mouth.

"Either you take off some clothes or I'll put some on, and I walked back to the bedroom. "Don't ride my horse without a saddle, cowgirl," her hand squeezing my butt. And put my hand on her breast and kissed me urgently on the mouth, then stopped, then came back in. I brushed her hair over that ear as the door closed. She then kissed Allie similarly and left us alone after whispering something in her ear.

Shh, I calmed her, reaching into her shirt and rubbing her nipple gently, sucking on her lower lip. They think every fuck will be a hard, hot, sweaty slam-fest. I felt like a cat at a zoo. Allie was right behind me and she took my hand. They also don't think they can hurt you.

It's a funny thing being a big, strong guy: Girls expect you to give and take abuse. And with Allie, I was. " I smiled down at her and undresssed her hungrily kissing at every inch of newly exposed skin. "Honey, Allie's too shy to say so but she wants you," June said.

Peach colored and covered in blonde peach fuzz and smelling of (nope! " She laughed, "That was awesome! I remember wondering, momentarily, if she worked at Yankee Candle. After I hooked my hands behind her knees and threw her, cackling, to the bed. I swear to god, her skin smelled like pancakes and autumn leaves. Hot and heavy like a bad aircraft carrier landing.

I, myself, am very capable of being gentle. Tits are awesome, aren't they? I mature women took my time, licked around them in little circles. Finally I had exposed her pale, firm, beautiful tits. " "Are you fucking nuts? " I pulled her pants off with both hands. Sweet 19 year old nipples as sensitive as they were pink and puffy. Plain white panties with pond in the middle. She gasped at each new sensation and settled back as if on clouds.

I crawled up on top of her and kissed her mouth deeply. As I explored and enjoyed her breasts with my mouth, my one hand was tousling her hair while the other undid her fly and slid my hand over her slippery-wet panties. She writhed like a snake and arched her back.

They were as beautiful as I'd imagined. I buried my face in it, kissing, finding the crease of her lips and tonguing it. I couldn't get over it. I thought guys were grossed out by that? I'd left them on, I wanted to be sure. " I looped my finger around the crotch of her panties and tugged softly.

we're good friends, right? They're probably still in orbit somewhere. Her tummy had definition yet softness. I pressed my finger in. My cock was pressing against the wet spot on her panties. Her lips were slick as olive oil. She lifted her old mature women naked ass off the bed and goodbye underwear. Not even the first knuckle&. I wanted her to be sure.

I kissed her ear, her cheek, her mouth, her neck and pressed my erection into her panties, pushing them into her. She grit her teeth a little. But she nodded, took a deep breath, and loosened up a little. My finger pushed in and touched her hymen. I got the feeling she might have tried this before.

I got on top and kissed her and put her hands on the back of my neck. " She nodded and pressed her lips together and said come on. Tighter than any girl I'd ever felt. "This won't be good if you don't relax," I told her. I tickled her pussy lips with the head of my cock and pressed it in. Thank god we were both so into it or I'd have never&.

that's tight even for a virgin. She was taking little gasping breaths, but she opened her thighs wide and nodded and said do it. I can do it fast, I said. More than another virgin would have been. "Just relax and let me do the driving.

I asked her if it hurt and said yes, but finish. I gave her the gentle, deep, short strokes maybe an inch out and in until I was at the point of no return and pulled out fast and came on her tummy. We lay together, hugging, cuddling, but not for long. Allie got washed and dressed pretty quick and I followed suit. June had, evidently, whispered to her not to fuck me on her bed.

But that wasn't all I learned. June had told Allie some of her plans for me. She wanted to fulfill some fantasies. She told me this was amazing. I was against her hymen, I could tell, and she was squeezing the head like a velvet vice on a marble ball. I had surmised some of it already, but Allie filled me in: June wanted me fucked by her other big dicked friend, Nate.

She wanted to be there, orchestrating the whole thing, and also to be fucked by me while I was fucked by Nate. Not long ago I'd have never even considered it, but June was really pulling a number on me. It wasn't easy to find a woman who wanted to dominate a big guy like me, let alone one who could match my strength of personality.

After a few tries I slipped it in and her eyes shot open and she whimped and moaned. It took her a while to regain her breath, during which time I held us together with a hand on her ass and rolled onto our side, hugging her, kissing her gently.

I was genuinely thinking about it, despite never having even met Nate. I thanked Allie and she said it was no problem, and that if I ever wanted to sleep at her place I was welcome. Wow, alright, good to know! Life was improving immeasurably. Sniffing the air, she giggled and said she could tell we had fun. I pulled out just a tiny bit and pushed in harder until her hymen cracked and her muscles trembled and relaxed and I was buried to the hilt, stretching her wide and tapping her cervix.

If it had been a cartoon there would have been an Allie shaped hole in the front door. Oh God Dammit, she said. And, miracle of miracles, June somehow psychically knew I was aching for a meatball sub and walked in the door with three. June set the subs down on the table and went in the bedroom to drop her bag.

But June was all those things, and it turned me on immensely. And especially not one with both those qualities that also knew when I wasn't interested in being bossed around.

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