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mature women in pornSo, I frequently read stories on this subreddit, and some of them of have motivated me to make some sexual decisions myself. She is from South America so she has light brown skin, but she is very American, and has no accent. Let’s call my neighbor Angel. Angel is definitely a MILF, she’s somewhere in her 40s with a son in about sixth grade.

If I had to compare her to someone, she is pretty similar to the pornstar Priya Rai. Angel was the only older woman that I always knew I had a chance with. I’ve only ever fucked girls around my age at school, so nude middle aged women an opportunity with an older woman is something I’ve always wanted.

One of them finally succeeded just today, with my very own neighbor. She has similar sized natural tits, that I’ve always wanted to see, and an amazing ass to match. Once I reached around 18 in high school, we became more flirtatious with each other, but the farthest we had ever gone was a short kiss or discreet touching.

I’ve lived in this house since fifth grade, so I’ve known Angel for a very long time. I don’t have a pool in my backyard, but Angel does, so she frequently invites me over to go to her pool with her and her son. Angel is married by label, but I feel like if she didn’t have a son, she would leave her husband. I remember, getting boners in the water as I would peek at her laying out in her tiny bikini.

I am 22 and just graduated college, so I’m back home for now until I decide to move out. There were many times where we would play marco polo and I would always grab her tits when trying to find her. It was incredibly hot in that we had sexual tension with each other, but we could not make any blatant contact near her son.

As a result, I’ve always assumed that her and her husband don’t have much sex, so that’s why she found excitement in me, a young male. I wasn’t doing much since it’s a Sunday, so I joined them in their backyard. I would occasionally get lucky when she would actually come in the water and got the old mature women naked chance to see her big wet tits soaked by the water.

We played soccer for a little before we started to get pretty hot and sweaty, and Angel suggested we jump in her pool. It was a nice day today, so Angel rang on my doorbell (luckily, I was the only one home) and asked if I wanted to come hang out with her and her son.

So, now that you understand our relationship, what happened today should make a little more sense. I met back up with them in their backyard, and Angel was wearing an all black bikini that her big tits were begging to jump out of. During her turn, she would search for me and secretly grab my cock under the water over my shorts. I don’t have a foot fetish, but there’s just something about hers.

Her bikini bottom barely covered her ass so when I got a glimpse, I tried to get in the water before I got a noticeable boner. Just something extra sexy older women I noticed about her. She was wearing some pretty standard flip flops, but I’ve always noticed she has super hot feet. Her feet are wrinkle free, skinny, and she always has perfectly pained white toes. It was one of her son’s friends’ moms calling to see if Angel’s son wanted to tag along with them to go somewhere.

Normally, I just go home when we’re done hanging out, but Angel told me she would be home alone after her son got picked up, so she invited to make me lunch. Angel’s son of course wanted to hang out with his own friends, so we got out of the pool.

I quickly threw on a random pair of basketball shorts and a tee shirt. We swam in the pool for about an hour, when Angel’s cell phone rang. When I got back to Angel’s house, her front door was unlocked so I let myself in to find her in the kitchen. She had changed into a red tank top and a pair of super short jean shorts.

She looked fucking hot. She didn’t bother putting a bra on as I could just make out her nipples poking out of her tank top. She made us some paninis and we ate them at the table talking about various things like life at college, work, etc. I agreed and came back home to get changed.

We ended up watching Neighbors 2, but didn’t pay much attention to the movie, since we kept talking. In the back of my mind I wondered if this would be my opportunity to finally fuck her, but didn’t want to jump the gun. For those of you that don’t know, Neighbors 2 is a movie about a college sorority moving next door to a couple trying to start a family.

We finished eating, and she suggested we watch a movie in the living room. She hits me with an "aw you always know what to say to me," and actually kisses me on the lips and looks at me with a smirk. She asked me what my favorite kind of sex was and I told her I didn’t really have a favorite type, but rather I just enjoyed all kinds (smooth, right?

I asked her about hers, and she said she really enjoyed hard rough sex and being controlled. Jokingly, I basically told her that I’m sure her husband is able to take care of that. This is when things started to get steamy. So, I agreed and went home and changed. She informed me that he actually did not take care of any of her needs, and that they haven’t had sex in years.

At this point, I figured this my best mature women black mature women porn opportunity to shoot my shot, so I told her laughingly, "I could always help you with those needs. Angel tells me how she wishes that she was still young and hot like the sorority girls in the movie, and I inform her that I think she’s still hot. It’s about time you offered. Furthermore, she let me in on the fact that her husband wasn’t packing much of a fighter downstairs.

This time, with more intensity than we ever had. So at first, nothing happens after that, and we continue to talk, until the conversation of sex comes up because we were talking about or college days (mine being more recent). I grabbed her ass over her shorts as I pulled her on to my lap and continued to kiss her.

My tongue made my way into her mouth as hers passed over mine. She kept my tongue in her mouth and sucked on it which was incredibly hot. Up until this point it was only ever a peck for fun or to get a little excitement, but this time we were making love. Instead, now was my opportunity to finally see those huge titties. The couple does not want to deal with the sorority and they end up with a feud with one another.

" I noticed her leaning in so I leaned in to match her as we began to kiss. " She not believing me responded, "oh really? She moaned as her lips finally released themselves from mine. I pulled her tank top off of her as I saw her huge tits bounce out from out of her tank top. They were perfectly round with perfectly sized tanned nipples.

"Suck on them" she said. They felt amazing in my hands, as I rubbed my finger over her nipples and felt them harden through her tank top. I moved my hands into her shorts as I felt her ass but I couldn’t really make my way into the front because of the way she was sitting. At this point my cock was a fucking weapon and she felt it grow since she was basically sitting on it.

I moved my hands over her tank top and grabbed on to her big breasts. When I finally decided to breath after suffocating myself in her tits, I took control and made it rough like the told me she wanted. I told her to get my cock out so I sat on the couch and she got on her knees as she pulled down my basketball shorts.

She took her two tits, and I motor boated them before, taking a whole tit inside my mouth. I sucked on her tits while still grabbing her ass. She pulled down my briefs as my rock hard cock came swinging out. I grabbed her hair and forced her mouth over my cock before she could even realize what she was dealing with. She released my cock from her mouth as she gasped for air and then went back in.

I forced her head as deep as she could go as she choked trying to take in my whole cock. She sucked and licked my entire shaft and head as she worked her mouth and hands over my hard cock. Her eyes widened as she looked at my big throbbing cock.

She sucked faster and faster as my cock got wetter and wetter and her spit spilled onto her big tan tits. Seeing how soaking wet her tits were from her spit, I couldn’t resist a titty fuck. It was the best blowjob I had ever received. Her mouth felt amazing, as I moved her mouth up and down over my cock.

She made her way to my balls as she sucked each nut like a fucking lollipop. She took it upon herself to suck the tip of my cock as I slid between her titties. She bounced her titties on my dick as I slide up and down between her heavenly boobs. It was my first time titty fucking someone since most of the other girls I had been with where pretty flat upstairs.

" She got up and laid down on the couch as she pulled down her shorts along with a black thong. I had fulfilled my titty fucking satisfaction when Angel said, "now it’s my turn. She grabbed my head and pushed her hand through my hair as she shoved my face into her pussy. I got my first glance of her pussy and boy was it calling my name.

So I told her to let me fuck her tits, as she still on her knees took her big wet tits around my cock. Her pussy was perfectly matched to her skin tone with a small landing strip. I flicked my tongue on her nipple as I wanted to fully enjoy those titties that I had always desired to see.

I immediately ate her out like it was the last meal I would have. I continued fucking her pussy with my tongue until I felt her wet juices fill my mouth and leak onto the couch. At this point, we were both completely naked so I asked her if she was ready for my cock. She came hard as she moaned and screamed my name.

" Distraught, not realizing she had intentions of fucking me, I replied, "no… you’re not on the pill? I could feel her legs trembling as I licked her some more until she came one more time. I could not let the opportunity end here so I screamed "fuck it. " I grabbed my hard cock and shoved it deep inside her pussy as she laid on the couch.

"FUCK," she shouted as I inch by inch inserted more of my cock. I circled her clit with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth. I couldn’t tell if my cock was getting bigger or her pussy was getting tighter, but it was like nothing I had ever felt. Most of my cock is in her wet pussy so I begin thrusting as my cock throbs in her pussy.

I pulled my cock out and lifted her off on the couch and bent her over the arm of the couch. I continued to thrust as her big titties bounced until I decided to change positions. My cock is almost 8 inches so as I’m easing in for her she yells "FUCK ME. I rubbed my cock against her clit before I thrusted my entire cock back in. She screamed and moaned and I felt myself about to cum soon.

Realizing how much she got to cum, I felt it was only right for me to have the opportunity as well. I threw her back onto the couch and started to get her legs over my shoulders. In the process her foot ended up near my face so I said fuck it, and I took her foot in my mouth, sucking each of her toes.

My tongue made its way around and in between each toe as I made sure to suck each one individually before taking in the whole foot. Surprisingly, this turned her on as I heard her let out oud a loud moan. Before I finished, I switched positions one last time. I smacked her ass and grabbed on as I continued to hear her ass clap and feel her pussy get wetter.

I rubbed my cock on her clit again, and then shoved my cock into her still soaking pussy. I didn’t mind since I always found her feet attractive so it was kind of enjoyable for me as well. As I had her bent over the coach, I fucked her pussy from behind as I felt her ass bouncing against me. I let her wet foot out of my mouth and finally put her legs over my shoulders as I stood in full position of her pussy.

Did you bring a condom? " I let go of her throat as I heard her gasping for air yelling "mmm…yes! "You like this big cock? A few more thrusts and I felt my cock about to explode so I pulled my dick out and let her know I’m about to cum. I choked her for the first time as I fucked her faster and faster.

She got on her knees and sucked my cock one last time, this time gripping it with both hands and jerking it off at the same time. I grabbed onto her head until I unloaded what felt like a gallon full of cum. " I had never been in such control, it was amazing. Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Whatever was going to fall onto the floor, I tried to catch and put it back onto my cock, as she licked it clean one last time.

I crashed onto the coach as we both laid there sweaty and naked. She opened her mouth as it overflowed spit mixed with cum. I had finally done it. She swallowed what didn’t spill and rubbed the spillage into her tits. She spit on my cock and took the head in her mouth as she jerked if off faster and faster. We tongue kissed goodbye with such intensity, that I don’t think this will be the last time, but rather this is just the beginning.

Let me know if you would like updates, and how I can improve my stories for the future. The goodbye we had after that was more intense than it ever was. Today was the first day we fucked, but I’ve been dreaming about this for years. With her mouth opened, the excess cum and spit fell onto her beautiful tits.

Thanks for reading, and happy fapping! It wasn’t a simple hug or a quick peck.

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