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I was dressed to kill. I loved feeling like the center of attention, and that night, I was it. A lot of guys would stop talking to me when they found out about the little secret hidden under my cute skirt, but for the past half hour, I'd been talking with two who only seemed more interested after finding out. "So if you can't get hard anymore, what do you do, to you know like?

The conversation had become really personal. I was especially liking the lacy white, low-cut top I'd decided to wear. The cut really pushed up my b-cups and made them "pop," and it had sheer portions that showed off my back, sides, and tummy. My short demim skirt was really hugging my hips, and my high heels were really accentuating my slender legs, toned thighs, and big, round ass. Getting an orgasm, I mean?

"Any other effects from taking the hormones for so long? "A girl like you doesn't need toys," he answered, sliding his hand further up my smooth thigh. "Well, I've noticed my skin is getting really soft, and uhm total loss of upper body strength. "So, uh, do you need help with that? " "Can't get it up, and a total weakling, then," Jeff laughed. Short and petite, I felt really small and vulnerable in the noisy clubwhich was kind of a turn on, too.

"Anal orgasms," I answered him. " asked his friend, Derek. I couldn't open a can of pickles if my life depended on it! "Help is nice, but let's just say, I have a really intense relationship with my toys right now," I answered, my soft laughter lost in the background. I'd had lots of compliments on my outfit, and on my wavy blonde hair, my plump, pouty lips and my sky blue eyes.

I wouldn't exactly be the best at punching someone out, but I'm good at wrestling. " I retorted, slapping him playfully. Like if you had to throw down with someone? Oh, I get ya," Derek answered, winking. "I could handle either of you, for sure," I snapped back milf foto in a mature women bratty tone, sticking out my tongue before taking another shot of whiskey.

" "I'll bet you wouldn't stand a chance against either of us," Jeff cut in, smugly. " I'd answered, feeling butterflies in my stomach at my own words. "I could still hold my own if it came down to it! "Lets you use more strategy than strength. So hmm willing to make it an interesting match? " they both answered, in unison.

There were a few moments of silence, and then Derek continued, "So if I were with you, it would be like having a girlfriend who needs anal sex all all over thirty the time? Things were moving in a really nasty direction, and it had my heart thundering. " I could still only answer with a nervous blush.

"I guess if you won, you'd be able to take whatever you wanted, right? " Jeff asked in a way that only seemed half joking. " "Yeah, I meanI don't know. I wound up heading back to this house party when things started calming down at the club. We hung out there for a while, and had a few more drinks. "Think you're strong enough to take two guys?

For a moment, I'd pictured him fucking me. I felt a hot tingle building up between my thighs. " I blushed and looked away, suddenly feeling a rush of excitement. (I never got his name. ) Jeff asked me if I was going to stand behind the bet I'd made earlier with them.

My heart was pounding again, too. It was clear where they hoped this was going. They both glanced over in my direction. Another cute guy overheard us talking and was interested enough to jump in on the conversation. The host smiled and nodded and then muttered something to Jeff.

"You're about to get your wish," he said, returning to our group. I was really only kidding about the whole thing, right? Did I really want my wish? These three guys were all eyeing me, undressing me in their minds. One of the boys hit a light switch. He took my hand and led me through the crowd, the other two boys in tow.

The room was empty, save for stacks of old junk that might have once been in someone's garage, a boiler, a thick oriental rug to cover the cold hardwood floor, a comfy looking sofa and love seat situated around a coffee table, and a large bed in the corner of the room. I felt my asshole tighten and start to throb, and noticed that I was biting my lower lip, now.

I was in pretty deep at this point; clearly, no one would hear whatever went on down here. He opened a door, and we made our way down into a cosy basement room. I heard the door shut, and suddenly, the drone of the laughing, music, and many simultaneous conversations was nearly silenced.

Jeff tugged me toward the bed, and then he grabbed me and threw me roughly onto it. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and bouncy it was. I felt like I was going to pass out. I fluttered my hands just above my chest, feeling myself flushing with nervousness. Just a minute," he snapped back, striding across the room, suddenly conversing with who I assumed to be the host of the party.

I was in a state of shock, but he didn't waste any time. We started our little wrestling match, and it became clear to me that depite my silly bragging, I wasn't going to win. I felt the throbbing start to return, I felt my drunken thoughts start to swim.

I could feel the heat spreading, and becoming electric, and felt something like a jolt of excitement worming its way up inside of me. Derek slid his hands up my skirt, grabbing at my panties. I was on my back, squirming on top of him, unable to fight his muscular hold.

He grabbed my wrists and forced them behind my head. I tried to squirm away, but couldn't really move. I wasn't sure what to say, so I blurted out, "Yeah, well, it isn't fair to double team me, sheesh! He hooked his legs inside of mine, and forced me to spread.

" Jeff asked roughly, "You made the bet! Like I'd seem somehow weak, like a tease, like a big-mouth, like a huge fake, if I didn't see the "bet" through to the end. Somehow, though, I felt like I'd trapped myself in this. " I was sure that at this point, what I really wanted to do was tear myself away, and fly right back up those steps.

I was staring up at the cracks in the ceiling, and the other two, who seemed to approve, greatly. " I squealed, "wait a minute, just wait a minute! Jeff flipped me over onto my belly with ease. "Do I rip them off, or will you take them off?

He pulled my skirt up and then I felt him hook his thumbs through the sides of my panties. "Fair enough," he said. Derek backed up, smiling, hoisting his palms up to the sides of his chest, showing them to us both. I was face down, and they all had a good look at my big, round, milky-white ass. "Damn, that's a hot ass," I heard the third guy say.

I felt like crying, but I answered, "Fine, take them off me, then. " I felt him slide my panties down my legs, and then over my ankles. I felt faint, seriously faint, and consumed by a whirlpool of mixed emotions. Was this really what I wanted to do? I was sure he could rip them off without too much trouble. As I struggled around on the bed with Jeff, my limp cock kept flopping around, and the other guy asked if I was really into this or not.

"She can't get hard, she's on hormones. " "Yes" I moaned, flipping around on the bed, Jeff's hard cock pressing into me through his jeans. "Lock the door," I heard Derek say. He was on top of me and I squirmed and grunted, and tried to break free, but it wasn't going to happen.

Pretty soon, they had me spread wide open, and Derek was eating out my ass. I felt the other guy grab one of my ankles. I heard footsteps, and then a loud click of the lock. Derek wasn't wasting any timehe unzipped and let his huge cock flop out. The only way she can get off is analisn't that right? "Lube is in my purse," I heard myself say. "God, that's a tight little ass," the other guy said again.

We squirmed around some more and Jeff got his cock out. I heard the lube pop open and then could feel his fingers rubbing up and down my slit, working the lube into my ass. " he growled in my ear. "Oh holy shit," Derek commented. I could feel it pressed against my asshe was sliding it up and down my crack, and was soaking me with precum.

"Yeah, fuck her," I heard someone say, as I felt Jeff's cock pushing up into my ass. His arms were looped over mine, and his hands gripped my hips tightly. I wasn't able to move at all with the three of them holding me. He flipped over on his back and Derek started pushing my legs apart.

"Wow, what a slut," I heard Derek say. I could feel him throbbinghe was getting close. Derek pulled my shirt up, unhooked my bra, and soon my perky tits were jiggling to Jeff's rhythm, my nipples hard and perky against the cool air. "I wanna bounce on that ass," he announced. "Oh fuck yeah, so hot and tight," he growled into my ear.

I moaned softly as his two frieds watched him pump my hole for a couple of minutes. The squishy sounds of our sex filled the small room. I felt the hands around my ankles tighten as I was flipped over onto my stomach. " I heard a voice say.

Those words drove me over the edge. I started bucking my hips and came all over myself and the bed. I was on my back, and he was underneath me again. I couldn't pull my legs together, even if I wanted to. The room filled with the sound of him slapping up against my ass.

I let out a loud moan as Jeff sunk all the way into me. " I heard him grunt, before shooting a huge load of hot cum deep into me. I felt myself tightening up around him, and I started moaning uncontrollably. As soon as I said it, I heard someone going through my purse.

Feeling me tighten up nude mature women pics around him, spasming, squirming under him. The other two watched while he fucked my butt, my limp cock flopping around in the air while he hammered away. "Ah, fuck, tight little slut is gonna make me cum!

The other guy took his turn with me while Derek and Jeff got dressed. I started to stand up, but he pushed me back down onto all fours and grabbed my hips. He took me by the wrist and pushed me down onto the rug in front of the couch. He didn't last long, either.

"You've got the nicest little ass i've seen in a long time," he grunted. I let him take me that way, doggie style, on the floor, as the other two made their way toward the stairs. I felt my ass jiggling for him as he took his winnings. The cute stranger pounded into me.

He didn't last long, either. I lost the match, and the winners had all claimed their prize. He didn't last long, emptying into me. "Oh yeah, hot little ass! No sooner had he got off me than I felt Derek get on me and take his turn. The three left me in there, cum oozing out of my ass, panties and skirt on the floor next to me, tits hanging out.

Derek turned over with me and fucked me from underneath. I got dressed and mature women feet pics walked back upstairs, feeling their cum draining out of me, soaking me between my ass cheeks, down my taint, all the way down the back of my balls. I set next to him, soaking a little spot on the back of my skirt.

He asked for my phone number and said that he would probably text me later on. After that, my three guys seemed more interested in talking to others than to me. The third guy overheard me giving my number, and seemed to be punching it into his phone, too. As I walked back into the main area, I got lots of knowing looks from the guys, and dirty looks from the girls.

I picked up my purse, walked out the door, and made my way to his car, suddenly feeling aroused by the stickiness between my cheeks. I had a very cummy slit. ~~~ I'm definitely into dirty chat and rp if you liked my story! I made my way over to Jeff, who seemed a little uncomfortable.

There was this odd feeling of wanting their approval now that they were neglecting me, especially Jeff's. I'm a slender-but-curvy, blonde haired (currently dyed black), hazel eyed, very passable trans girl. I get lots of compliments on my legs (long, slender, silky) and ass. I was feeling really used, and like I should just leave, when one of them sent me a text: R U READY TO GO?

Well, of course I was. I've got what a lot would call dick sucking lips, they're very full and pouty. I'm into submission, cheating, anal, non-con, reluctance, humiliation, bondage, groups, and other things. My ass, in my opinion, is very firm when I flex, but also, fat and jiggly and feminine (heart-shaped) when I don't.

I also get (weirdly) lots of compliments on my toes, which are small and dainty. No scat, gore, animals, kids, the usual! I've got b-cup tits that are nice and perky, with bright pink nipples. What else in the world did I have but this little gang who'd had me completely? I'm often told that I'm pretty or cute by mature women guys who don't know.

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