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So I'm not sure if people will enjoy this story or not, but it's 100% true and is the hottest sexual experience of mine or my wife's lives. (To skip to the good stuff ctrl+F to "Sabria") My wife Jess and I have been together on and off since college. We partied a lot in college, did our own thing when we felt like it, and didn't put a lot of rules on each other.

I think we played it smart. We had the usual bumps in the road, including a few "breaks" that lasted a few months in duration and allowed us both to sow our wild oats and kind of "explore" other people. Bear with me and enjoy. I'm no big erotica writer but made it all the way through high school and college English so I'll give it my best shot.

We always have a blast with each other. We finally got engaged last year and married this April. But I always knew she was "the one. it's always been that way. I'd guess we had sex 500 times the first year we were together. She's fun, adventurous, giving, and fucking crazy good in bed.

I promise it'll pay off if you keep reading. As we've gotten mature women older mature women photos (your domain name) and finished school and have full time jobs the number of times we do it has slowed down a bit but the passion and fun has not. We went on a nice 10 day trip to Hawaii for our honeymoon and had a fucking blast. She's pretty much down for everything and so am I. There's always been one thing we could never quite cross off our list, and that's the old MFF threesome.

We didn't hook up the first day we met but shortly after. She considered herself totally straight and at first it wasn't something she was really into. Rough sex, tying each other up, role playing, anal, watching porn together, all sorts of toys, public sex, every position in the kama sutra you can think of, etc.

It was something that didn't even come up until we were together for 3-4 years. We met at 19, fell in love hard and fast, but took things slow. And she didn't want me to fuck the other girl. She was okay kind of messing with the girl but maybe not going down on her.

After a couple months she was actually wanted to go down on the other girl and vice versa. Within a year she wanted a full threesome, wanted me switching between them fucking them both, and cumming in the other woman. Of all the blessings Jess brings me, her sex drive is one of the best.

She became so into the idea we'd just see a girl walking down the street and she'd be like "ohh I'd love if we could fuck her together. at first we'd talk about it when we had sex only. This became a huge point of our fantasies and dirty talk, both in bed and out of bed.

But I of course told her (like any guy) that it was one of my biggest fantasies. Things evolved over the course of a year or so. We've experimented with damn near every kink in the book. We also live in a conservative area where random group sex is a big deal and IF those rumors were flying around it would be pretty scandalous.

our friends are very vanilla. " We had friends she'd be like. We didn't want to blow up a friendship or have rumors flying around by approaching one of them. She and Jess had their hands all over each other and even kissed a couple times by the end of the night.

We had one close call. But it never actually happened for a couple reasons. Unfortunately the girl was with her friends and they were leaving the next morning. in Cancun a couple years ago we were in a dance club/discoteca type thing and were dancing with a girl all night. she was heading our way when her friends found her.

We traveled several of the islands, the Big island perhaps being our favorite. Also, we both have professional jobs that would be hurt if it became a thing everyone knew about. Later she was turned on by the idea of me fucking her too but not cumming in her. in some sort of deserted rain forest.

We asked her to come to our room with us and she agreed. "I bet she'd be so much fun in bed. And we got fucked (or rather, we didn't). One day we decided to hike an area called Pololu Valley (many of you may know it). At the bottom is a black sand beach and a nice flat area that is sort of half rain forest and half outlet from the waterfalls from the mountains into the ocean.

We're adventurers though and weren't going to stop there. They had to be out by 8 AM, they didn't wanna have to come find her, blah blah blah. Sorry if the details are boring but just trying to set the scene. It's secluded, beautiful, and a fairly challenging trail.

It goes downhill into a deep gulch, giving you incredible views of the ocean on one side and of the green mountains on the other. She was medium height (probably 5'6 if I had to guess) and very fit but curvy). What many don't know is that the trail mature women naked actually goes 18 miles or so all the way to Waipio valley. Anyway, we set off at 4 PM or so which is when we first saw her.

She was a brunette with thick straight hair that was pulled back slightly. Her body was incredible. I looked at her and looked at Jess and the looks were knowing. It feels like you're in ancient times. Would you mind taking our picture by the sign? Now, the Pololu Valley trail itself is easy.

She had amazing green eyes that caught mine as we walked up to the trailhead sign to grab a picture. " "Of course," the mystery girl said, "not a problem at all! "Are you guys just going to the bottom? She had on black leggings that accentuated a perfectly round ass that I swear defied gravity.

Jess walked up to her. At the trailhead there was an astoundingly beautiful girl. "I'm Sabria (like suh-BREE-uh) by the way," she said, smiling. " She took a couple photos of us and asked if we could do the same, which of course we obliged. I've lived here for 5 years and have always wanted to do that but none of my friends like to hike that far! " She asked if she could tag along.

stopping just to take in yet another breathtaking view and remark how amazing the nature was around us. and of course we welcomed her on our journey. By the time we got to the bottom of Pololu they were fast friends. It turned out Sabria was 25 years old, just a bit younger than us. We explained we planned to do more of the trail, probably not the full 18 miles but at least half way to really get into the more secluded gulches and see the bigger waterfalls.

Under a blue and white workout top were what appeared to be ~C-cup very tan and very nice breasts. I had enjoyed Sabria's company too, she reminded me a lot of my wife. They both had very similar laid back, funny, easy going attitudes.

Their marriage ended within a year from when they moved there but she had nothing else tying her anywhere, thought "why go back home (Oregon). What we didn't know is that while you could walk across the gulches easily when it was dry, that when it rained flash floods could get crazy.

She had moved out to the islands when she was 20, following a marine which she married hastily. " So she stayed in Hawaii, moved to Kona, and had lived and worked on the island since. We were suddenly fucked. The entire area we walked through was now a river flowing with rapids into the ocean. Luckily I always carry a small two man tent in our gear in case we get caught somewhere hiking for the night.

And it was almost dark. I'll skip ahead a bit. Cue us returning around the time of sunset, a huge storm rolling through, and washing out the initial gulch near Pololu valley. All three of us had snacks and plenty of water so we said "fuck it" and decided to set up camp for the night. They were both true free spirits, wanting to stop for random pictures.

Sabria had an incredible personality, one of those girls who could flirt with you just with a smile and the way her eyes gleamed at you when she was laughing. We got to the bottom of the trail, made it a couple miles down to the next gulch/valley and were astounded by all the beautiful sites.

We discussed how we're pretty open minded. We sat up and talked and got to know each other even better and had an amazing time. When bed time came we realized the tent would be really tight. Eventually the topic of sex came up. joked that we've been in the "honeymoon phase" for ten years now.

always described herself as a "try anything once" kind of girl. I couldn't believe it, but Jess went for it. "Sorry if I'm cramping your style," she said, stepping over me and getting into tent, each of us still sitting up so we could talk a bit. "I'm like that too," she said, "in fact we both are.

"Not even a real kiss. the only thing we haven't gotten to try which we've always wanted to is a threesome. At this point I could feel things turning. you've at least been with a girl right? " Sabria said, that smile fucking shining again. The only sound was the waves in the background crashing on the beach. But I could feel the momentum of whatever it was pick up. Jess and Sabria hit it off immediately.

Their mouths opened and I could vaguely see their tongues mingling with each other. She brought her hands to Sabria's face and brought her to her as well. Maybe it's just what happens when three young people get put together this way, I don't know. Jess let out a soft moan.

The kissing became more intense, the girls wrapping up in each other's arms, Jess's right hand finding it's way to Sabria's butt. They broke their kiss for a second, Sabria looking at me and kind of gesturing me to get next to Jess. Sabria leaned forward and kissed my wife on the lips, softly at first, but then using a hand to draw her in and make this kiss a KISS.

Maybe it was the fact we were camping on the beach in this beautiful place. I got behind Jess and helped lift the back of her shirt up and Sabria and I tossed it over her head and to the side. her thigh, rubbing her up and down. We had been talking a lot and honestly doing a lot of flirting.

"Well there's no time like the present. I wrapped my arms around Jess, allowing my fingers to tease her belly and kissing the back and side of her neck. As they continued making out Sabria got more aggressive, her hands easily sliding over Jess's bra and feeling her boobs, pushing them up and grabbing them, Jess moaning lightly. The girls slid toward each other so that Jess was kind of lying over the side of Sabria, with Sabria lying toward her right side, her right hand keeping her up.

is it okay if he has a turn? Then she looked at me and back at Jess. I unhooked Jess's bra and dropped it to the ground. Different from Jess, but good. Sabria leaned past Jess's shoulder and kissed me, our tongues and mouths quickly finding a rhythm, the kiss so warm and good. Jess began to get busy.

" Jess nodded her head yes. breaking our kiss only for a second as Sabria seemed eager to get back to it (not going to lie, I was too). that part low down, just above the collar bone that sends chills up your spine. "I know he's kissed girls before but. Sabria broke the kiss and said, "OKAY girl," in a silly way while checking out Jess's tits.

I kept my hands on my wife, running up her stomach to her now bare breasts, my hands feeling them fully and then running my fingers up to the tip of her nipples, pulling them slightly and feeling them harden. They were very full, perky with smallish nipples considering how large they were.

Jess expertly reached behind Sabria and unhooked her bra. I slid to her left and the girls started kissing again, Sabria wasting no time in pulling at the bottom of Jess's shirt. As Sabria and I continued to kiss, Jess pulled Sabria's shirt off. but whatever, different convo for a different time.

Sabria had pulled at my shirt until I took it off, and was now running her hand over my abdomen and over my shorts, groping for my cock that was already as rock hard as it's ever been. In retrospect, I don't know how she was so good at this, considering she usually unhooks bras from the opposite angle. She moved from one side to the other, lifting Sabria's breasts with her hands and feeding one nipple into her mouth.

Sabria and I started kissing each other as Jess leaned forward and kissed Sabria's boobs. Sabria's breasts were even larger than they appeared in her shirt. Sabria ended up topless and lying on her back. Finally Jess pushed Sabria down onto the floor of the tent, finished with waiting for what she wanted.

licking at it and sucking on it. I moved up next to her to continue making out with her. Sabria, for her part, and helped me remove my shorts. Jess kissed down her belly, taking just a second to tease her at her belly button ring, before getting to her panty line. then moving to the other breast to give the opposite nipple the same treatment.

I took the cue and brought my boxers with them, my dick now exposed and Sabria's hand gripping it while we kissed. She didn't have the best angle at it but fuck if it didn't feel amazing. My beautiful wife's tongue was slowly but directly licking at Sabria's clit. Sabria scooted her ass up slightly to allow Jess to pull her shorts and panties off in one quick swoop, her completely shaved pussy now viewable (not to me, but to Jess.

I could feel her break her kiss and moan slightly and looked down to see what happened. She was doing meaningful but light little flicks up and down her clit and occasionally diving a bit deeper down and burying her tongue in her pussy. Sabria directed me to get up, kind of sitting on my legs and she took my cock into her mouth. Jess continued kissing down Sabria's hips and then her thighs, continuing to tease.

She used her hand to guide me in, licking at the head of my dick and then lowering her head to take increasingly more of me into her mouth. my hands finding her boobs and being amazed at how full and perfect they were. She used her right hand to reach down and stroke me, applying just enough intermittent pressure to make it feel amazing. She changed speeds every now and then, keeping me on edge and nearly sending me over it.

She was taking me almost all the way in, going down on me fast and slowly coming back up, her tongue teasing my dick the whole way. She was moaning throughout, occasionally throwing her head back as Jess was apparently hitting all the right spots.

Jess had finally quit teasing. I looked down at one point and saw Jess continuing to lick her, now moving faster and using a finger in her pussy. and the hunger and pure sexuality in her eyes blew me away. She took her mouth off of me and moaned loudly, arching her back and getting her pussy closer to Jess.

I could see Jess licking at her voraciously, going hard and fast on her clit and running her hands up her thighs. For one incredibly hot second, Jess looked up and our eyes met. She yelled at one or two more times as Jess finally took a break, licking her lips. " Sabria shuttered as she lowered her ass back down to the floor of the tent. By the grace of whatever god each and everyone one of you pray for, Sabria started to cum first.

I made out with her, tasting Sabria's wonderful flavor on her lips. We rolled her to her back. Sabria picked up speed, showing her skills. Sabria and I silently but unanimously decided it was my wife's turn to enjoy. I brought mature women Jess to me and we immediately began kissing.

It was pure lust, pure sexuality, pure hotness. She looked at me the way you look at a big meal when you're starving. Like all she ever wanted was in this tent at this very moment. Sabria lifted Jess's left leg up and showered her with kisses starting at the ankle, slowly up the inside of her calf to past her knee, and then up her thigh. I'll never forget the look on Jess's face in that particular moment.

By the time I broke our kiss Sabria was lapping at Jess's pussy. her mouth on this beautiful woman's pussy, my dick in this beautiful woman's mouth. something I fear that men such as me can never quite figure out. I took Jess in my arms and we continued kissing. I could hear the sucks and slurps coming from Sabria's mouth, her working my wife's vagina like a technician.

Sabria took a moment to recover and was behind my wife removing her bottoms. She was using a finger inside of her while licking at her clit fiercly, somehow being gentle while being firm. I kind of walked on my knees to the other side of Sabria, who was now on her knees bent down in front of my wife, in quite the literal "face down ass up" position. Her ass was amazing by the way.

My wife was moaning easily, breathing hard but in rhythm, clearly enjoying herself. I wasn't sure how to go forward with this. " before she nodded her head "yes" quickly moving her tongue back to my wife. Perfectly round and full and tapering down to her tiny waist.

I kissed my wife again only to hear her say, "have her. She was so wet I slid in easily and began to fuck in her in the same rhythm that she was eating my wife. I licked at Jess's nipples, moved down her body and kissed her belly, positioned myself back up at her breasts again to kiss and fondle them.

I made out with Jess hard, the familiar cadence of our kiss familiar but even more passionate than usual, her breaths harsh between kisses. I know this part of the story is unbecoming but goddamn my fantasy was coming true after 8 years. And it was overwhelming. " I'd say I got hard at her words but my cock was already at 100% attention.

I knew I had to settle down. After several moments I began to get a rhythm and feel more comfort (I was acting like I'd been there before, though I hadn't). And I want to be honest. I grabbed Sabria's ass with both hands and fucked her, ending each thrust with a little extra muscle to push myself as deep as I could inside of her.

I went slow and slowly moved in and out of Sabria, her pussy slightly tighter than that of my wife and certainly different (something I had always kind of wondered). I have no clue who started cumming first. I could see her grabbing the blanket underneath us with both hands, pulling it towards herself, her face twisted in ecstasy.

I positioned myself behind her. I lined my cock up to her beautiful pussy and pushed my way in. My balls were slapping against Sabria's clit, my wife's moans muffling those of the girl I was fucking as she was getting close to cumming on this beautiful girl's tongue. I put one hand on her ass, and just said "are you sure it's. the girls making out easily and naturally.

" I was so fucking worked up I could cum any second. Sabria fell forward and kissed Jess on the mouth. " "Okay" I said silently by lying on my back and waiting for further direction. Cumming does that to people I suppose. Sabria began shuddering simultaneously, seemingly becoming paralyzed except her tongue which continued to flick my wife's perfect clit as she shuddered, cumming hard while her body shook.

Sabria positioned herself over me, my spine tingling as I could feel Jess slowly grinding on my cock as Sabrian swung her left leg over my head and positioned her pussy directly over my mouth. As things settled out Jess suddenly became more confident. I could see her directing traffic, pointing Sabria towards my face. I'm not dummy, I knew what to do.

As Jess let out her first few moans when riding me I lifted my head slightly to taste Sabria. Jess started screaming. My sexy wife arranged herself over top of me. She was playing with Sabria's tits, the two girls kissing intermittently and being playful with each other over top of me.

Her clit was too far forward but I buried my tongue inside her, her sweet taste covering my lips. I could feel Sabria's pussy get extra wet as she came on me. She had a thick musky smell which was delicious. I watched her expertly sit over my dick, lean forward, grab my cock and guide me into her.

I didn't get Sabria off this way. Jess went from just sort of grinding on my cock to actually bouncing on it, her wonderful pussy taking my entire dick and then bouncing so dangerously close to coming all the way off of me. something we have done so many fucking times. I couldn't stop, Jess was riding me so good and moaning into Sabria's mouth above me and it was too much.

Jess jumped off of me and practically attacked Sabria. Sabria kissed her and the two girls rode Jess's orgasm all the way to completion. I licked at Sabria as much as I could. I smacked my wife's ass, pushed my cock into her as hard as I could as she rode me and came deep inside of her, her pussy clamping on me and cumming simultaneously with me.

I watched the two girls go at it, a beautiful twist of thigh and butt and breast and hands. The two girls licked at each other, their hands working each other's asses while they buried their faces in each other's pussies. Jess then swung a leg over Sabria and within seconds had arranged them in a 69 position.

The two girls landed on the blankets beside me, giving me a front row seat to one of the hottest sites ever. It went on for what seemed like forever, moans intertwined with deep breaths and low pitched grunts. I did all I could lapping at the beautiful girl to try to get her off.

I could see Jess start to shake, her moans getting more pointed and her thighs flexing on either side of Sabria's head. Jess rolled off of her next to me, her naked body forming a bridge between Sabria's beautiful body and my average one. Both girls began grinding and moaning in sync, getting louder and louder until they both build to one final orgasm, Jess collapsing on top of our beautiful brunette friend.

"Agreed," Sabria said. She smiled at me mischievously. It was so primal and so hot I actually got hard again but didn't want to intervene. They kissed quickly, Jess still parallel to me initially. I sighed, blowing a long breath through my mouth. " was all i could muster. Their heavy breathing turned to relaxed moans. The weather obviously broke, allowing us to complete our hike over a shallow rush of water over the Pololu gulch.

It was of course time for my wife and I to continue our honeymoon alone. We each kissed Sabria and told her we would not forget her. We exchanged facebook and phone info and told her if she ever came to the mainland. I came again, this time inside of Sabria while she was lying on top of Jess fingering her and kissing her.

I slapped my wife's tight tan ass and through an arm over her, spooning her and catching a glimpse of her kissing Sabria good night. At the trailhead we said goodbye. In the morning we had one more go round, me getting to fuck Sabria missionary and have her on top, Sabria eating Jess out one more time while I ate Sabria out. she had a place to stay.

We cuddled through the night. We went on for several minutes in this position.

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