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Edited cause I can't spell for shit I've known I was a lesbian since I saw Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girs for the first time. -Holy wall of text batman. " The group of friends I was with joined in with "Yeah she's so pretty, oh my gosh I love that top etc. " I realized I meant hot not in an envious way, but in a holy I want to play with her tits and make her cum kinda way.

(Probs more pg13 though in real time because I was in 7th grade) In Highschool I ran with the "popular" group, I played volleyball and tennis, was in student council and all that other involved student shit. I added a **** if you want to skip forward to the sexy mom boy pics times. The jist of it my best friend since high school, whom I came out too, who had been in the straight girl box got very forward on her 21st birthday.

There is some backstory here and those are the type of stories I enjoy reading so I wrote mine that way. I found one way or another to turn each one of them down. Chloe my best friend (yes the one this story is about) quipped at me after she found out I said no to him " Jesus Kennedy what are you a lesbian?

I'm what you would call a femme lesbian so I'm relatively girly, because of my outward appearance I was on the receiving end of plenty lustful advances by boys at my high school. I wasn't denying I was gay but I wasn't broadcasting it to the world either. I mindless uttered "wow she's hot.

" "Uh I mean I like girls so by definition I would say that is accurate" I stammered not believing what had just come out of my mouth. Which brings us to summer between Junior and Senior year of Highschool when I again turned down the advances of a boy, however this boy was a "sex god" so when I turned him down there was a bit of an uproar. (awkward silence here I almost died of terror) I'm really glad you told me!

" I interrupted her "Yes of course you are ass hat" She proceeded to glomp me (it's like a cuddle huge full body squeeze) and I had never felt better about myself in my life. You better of, otherwise. " I just sat there in silence not really knowing how to proceed with this conversation, thankfully Chloe stepped in and asked " Wait, K are you a lesbian?

Honestly, I was surprised how chill everyone was with it, I think I'm lucky in my experience. I just stopped bringing it up, I chalked it up to the fact that she didn't feel comfortable hearing about what I did to vaginas.

Any girl in my high school that had questioned their sexuality came a knocking (I can share those stories later) Chloe noticed this and asked for details like best friends do but as more girls happened the more she started to be put offish. "Holy shit but, but you're gorgeous you can't be a lesbian (insert side eye emoji here) fuck sorry I meant that as a compliment but I just.

Fast forward to Choe's 21st birthday, we both went to different colleges but we visited each other 2 or 3 times a semester and we were attached mature women at the hip whenever we were home. By October, everyone who I wanted to tell I had and the rumor mill made the rounds.

I got over to Chloe's early to help her set up and get ready together as we had done countless times before. Things when back to normal and we continued on to be super close. Wait you told me 1st right? Chloe was a lot more touchy than normal, we had always had an affectionate friendship, but I made sure not to cross any lines to make her feel like I was trying to creep.

Shortly before our friends arrived as I was putting the final touches on my makeup in the bathroom, Chloe slithered up behind me and drew herself up to my ear, not totally unusual for her but it was her voice, it was husky, primal even when she breathed " You look absofuckinloutely delicious" while grabbing a handful of my ass shaking it and gave it a tap on her walk away from me.

There was something different in our chemistry that day. We were going to start out a Chloe's apartment pregame with everyone head out to the bar and let the night unfold! I saw movement in my peripheral vision and was soon yanked by Chloe out of the chair into the bathroom.

Guests showed up and everything was going really well I had started to get a little buzz and was just enjoying myself. "Jesus Chloe are you trying to dislocate my shoulder? " " No, I'm not trying to hurt you, I never would, I'm just so confused you, you just can't see that can you?

I heard myself give an involuntary moan, hoping I wasn't too loud. " spat Chloe in a half raised tone. Her momentum and passion pushed me up against the door with a thud. Not giving a fuck at this point I ignored the "is everything okay" from the other side of the door and let my body dictate the flow of the situation.

I pulled her closer to me matching her desire with my own, grabbing her ass (seriously dat ass doe) I slipped my thigh between her legs and pulled her up on to it. Chloe is a summer baby and the youngest of our friend group so we were gonna have this be a big shin dig.

She began to rub herself on my leg in rhythm with our kisses, she moaned into my mouth and I lost it. Hearing her call me K snapped me back to the moment at hand I lifted her off my leg looked at her and calmly said " Chloe you're straight. I pulled her hair to expose her neck exploring every inch with my mouth eventually working my way up to nibble on her ear lobe, which invoked a breathy " Oh fuck K" from her.

What in the fuck are you doing? " before I could finish Chloe's mouth was on mine. You're drunk it's your birthday and you're emotional you just need to take a breath. With that, I turned opened the door and walked back out to the party. I chalked up her behavior to her drinking the wine this early and went back to setting up for the party.

" "No no no what I need is you" she said with conviction as she stepped towards me. "Are you on crack Chloe. Truth be told I could tell she meant what she said mature women free porn in the bathroom, but I had been her best friend so long that I had put her into the straight girls you don't dare fuck with box. I stopped her with my hands on her shoulders "Chloe I don't know what your game is but you should know better " I quipped at her.

(FUCK) As she made her way to the table we didn't stop making eye contact. (FUCK FUCK) As she made her way around the table I made out her name tag " I'll have a whiskey sour Rachel" flashing my best seductive smile "Comming right up.

They had a nice little group of tabels pushed together for our large group, we all decided we should put our shit down order a drink before we go and start dancing. I found myself smiling at my new possible prospect until I turned to see Chloe looking like she was about to go super saiyan on me.

"Comming right up Kennedy" she said, licked her lips and walked away. "Fuck this lets dance " she bellowed from the other end of the table and she fled to the floor. Rachel came by 10 minutes later with our drinks. I don't feel like getting hit on by all the pervy smokers out back. Shortly there after we went out to the bar where we had pre-booked an area for our little group a week earlier.

" she paused " Kennedy I'm Kennedy. She replied after licking her lips " I was hoping you'd say that" (FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK) We sat and chatted while I drank my whiskey sour. The music was progressively getting louder so I leaned in to hear her better (for once in my adult life I was really just trying to talk to a hot lady) and wouldn't you know who walks up while I'm ear to ear with Rachel?

"Do you mind if I sit with you on my break? My mother, no I fucking wish Chloe. " she asked " Sure as long as you don't mind getting hit on by the pervy lesbian" I flirted back. I make eye contact with Chloe and instinctually pulled back from Rachel. I angrily finished my drink and made my way over to the disgusting mess that was Chloe and Chuck " Sorry Chuck I need to address some things with the birthday Twat waffle excuse us mature women will you?

Chloe being a female fights dirty and proceeds to mount our friend Chuck who was sitting at the table and suck face with him. I bring my attention back to Rachel who looks at Chloe and then back to me "It's not even like that" I protest "She's my best friend and she's just going through something.

" "Well find me when you aren't in it with her" she kissed me on the cheek and went back to work. Then I saw our waitress. "Chloe, Chuck has been infatuated with you since pluto was a planet (yes I make really weird connections okay)" I scolded her " Well, maybe the feelings are mutual" she sassily repiles back.

" I grumbled it worked she was all cute and shit. " I tell Chuck as I yank Chloe off of him and drag her to the other side of the bar. I legitimately just stood there and gave her are you fucking for real face. (FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK) Chloe turned her ass toward me and started to grind into me, I was buzzzed (yes 3 z's) so I went along with it. " trying to be all cute and shit "Fucking fine.

"Fine," she sighed "No I don't I just, whatever just come dance with me, it is my birthday you know. In between the kisses and inhales I purred "Chloe you taste so fucking good. The first two songs were fun, lots of shitty white people dance moves and then Pony by Genuine came on.

She kept backing in closer and soon my hand where on her hips pulling her into me even more. She reached back and put her arm around my neck "Chloe what are you doing" I panted " Kiss my neck" she breathed. " In one evil seductress move she spun around and wrapped her tongue around mine. At this point, my vagina was doing all the thinking so I granted her wish.

" I waved and walked out of the bar. I dozzed off at some point because I was awaken by a loud banging sound and Chloe's voice at the door. Back at Chloe's I raided the leftovers from the pre game and proceeded to go from buzzed to drunk.

"KENNEDY I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE I CANT FIND MY FUCKING KEYS" I opened the door and greeted her with " Welcome home dear how was the office today? " I asked him "Of course Kennedy" Chuck immediately replied I started to walk away but turned around and told him" Oh Chuck if you try to make a move on her or let her make a move on you again, I'll chop your dick off.

Chuck was still sitting at the table " Chuck I'm going back to Chloe's now, can you make sure she gets back okay? It seemed to be forever but it probably only lasted 20 seconds before red lights started flashing in my head, I pulled away and said " No Chloe this cannot happen" I walked away and left her on the dance floor.

" " Yes , and your point? I turned around and backed her up into the door inching every closer as I spoke " If I wanted you, you'd know it Chloe. " Still enraged at her keys Chloe yelled " Fuck you Kennedy, I know you told Chuck to not let anything else happen between him and I tonight. "Chloe you're drunk, I'm drunk and I put you in a box a long time ago that is a no no box" I explained to her. " I replied in a very sarcastic tone.

"See I knew you wanted me you slut" Chloe said smugly. "Fuck you K, I've been throwing myself at you and nothing, you always fucking chicken out" she angrily said to me. " I asked embarrassed "It doesn't even matter Chloe you're straight" She grabbed my face and said "K shut the fuck up I love who I love and right now it's you.

Chloe made a weird noise I hadn't heard before so I looked up at her and she was crying (mature women am i right? I literally said "FUCK IT" and attacked her face. " How very rom com of us right? It was electric yeah maybe that is cliche but it was.

I stood her up, held her face in my hands " There will be no going back into that box now but, I doubt you'll want too after you see how many times I can make you cum" (Seriously she didn't say anything for 20 seconds the twat) "Chloe. " I brushed against her lips as I flipped the lock on the door and went and sat down on the couch. I'll be there in a minute" I told Chloe as she scurried away to her bedroom.

"Go to your bedroom and take off all your clothes and stand by your bed. Seriously guys sorry for all of the text. I have part two ready let me know if there is interest in it! " "JUST HAVE YOUR WAY WITH ME ALREADY K FOR FUCKS SAKE" she someone managed to get in-between kisses. I thought I break it up here so I don't blind people. ) She came over to the couch kneeled between my legs " Take me out of that fucking box.

1eR22yv jackieoismybbyddy 1FHLgHe 1FHLgHe[6 comments] I just never thought I could have you, I mean look at you, but then this afternoon when I touched you and you moaned I just had to have you" she pleaded inching closer to me.

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