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This is my story and its 100% true. Might consider sharing a nude older ladies pic or 2 of her, in private. Our sex life was amazing/hot/adventurous and frequent! As id go visit her in California. Wed have sex 2-3 times a day and her blowjobs! I dated my now Ex-Wife for 5 years. Would blow you outta this world!

mature eroticasmoking hot blonde, green eyes, perfect ass:10, breast:10 As well as a toned body:10 in every way. Eventually as we explored each other sexually, she loved anal sex, car sex, the sneaky handjob under the blanket in front of her entire family, me fingering her in the theater with her sister sitting next to her. When I was around, as we had a long distance relationship, as bad as it sounds being in a long distance relationship, it wasnt that bad the first 3 years, as we were still young and it gave us time to focus on what we had going on around us when we were apart.

But when we were together 1 week every month sometimes more, it was a vacation ever day! 3 years into our relationship, she wants me to move to California, I cant because of financial reasons, tho I was still going to try and figure it out, so I got a job overseas for 3 months to make and save some money, Well apparently she couldnt handle not seeing me for that long and got lonely.

She started hanging out with her ex BF and obviously one thing led to another and she started sleeping with him, right after she told me she wanted to take a break for a while. I found out about her sleeping with him amongst other stuff, confronted her and she cried about it saying sorry confessed every last detail (started by giving him handjobs and making out, said she liked the attention as he said he never had a better handjob, then she said she wanted to blow him to show him what she could really do!

When I got back after the 3 months I went straight to see her and figure things out. And he was even more shocked at how good she was, he asked where she learned how to suck cock so good she said from ME, I asked her if she like mature women woman it she said yes, that it honestly had a good flavor and she swallowed it every time, but once she started fucking him she said it wasnt that good, and he told her to give him another chance to redeem himself that he can do better and she did, then she said she loved letting him cum inside of her and on her back but after a while of this she said she just felt bad now, even tho she said she wanted to take a break, and the only reason she wanted a break was to fuck her ex, but that he turned out to be a jerk, which is why she broke up with him to begin with) after everything she really wanted me back!

Giving me BJs and shed always swallow, which turned me on like nothing else! and things went great from there, Id even tease her about swallowing another mans cum and ask her questions about her fucking him now and then and shes answer like no big deal.

, I forgave her and had the best! Makeup sex Ive ever had in my life! Her and her sisters and a friend from Cancun go clubbing and have a great time! Especially for me being her first sexual relationship, and she loved! Giving me blowjobs in movie theater, road head (lots of it ). I proposed to her a year later and had a 4 month engagement, I went back to do another job away from home to make some money for the wedding and honeymoon, and she went to plan the wedding in Cancun 3 weeks before the wedding date.

So they go again the next night, they met some guys and had some drinks and Danced a bit(I was told) and had a good fun night. Everythings going great, Im sending money for wedding and 2 weeks later shes feeling all this stress and just needs to let loose and have a girls night out, Im ok with it as shes been working hard.

Went to a resort for first few days and had a great! Later we went clubbing together and met up with her friend that lives there, and ended up seeing this guy she gave head to on the beach (which she conveniently forgot), hes with a girl, apparently his new GF, my wife tells me that hes actually a very nice and sweet guy and she wanted to say hi, I go with her and meet this guy, he was cool, we hung out the rest of the night all of us together.

We got married and stayed in Cancun for our honeymoon. I fly down the next day, and find out from her sister, that she caught my fiancé on the beach giving a guy a blowjob. Well that actually happened too, but it was the first night they went clubbing and nobody else new that she nude mature women even met him yet.

(Didnt happen, not with him or that night) anyway we called it a night, on the taxi drive to our hotel shes a bit tipsy and starts confessing to me that she did actually give this guy a blowjob and swallowed his cum and let him finger her that night on the beach, and tells me that when she said she only remembered kissing him. I was to tipsy to get hurt about it, but my mind did start to wonder, if she had sex with him and or did anything else.

so since she was confessing I just calmly asked her if there was anything else that I should know about? They even danced a bit, but we were all drinking so it honestly didnt bother me at all, I was actually having fun with it all and even though for a brief moment, in my drunken state, how hot it would be to have a MFM threesome!

So In the heat of everything going on and family around, getting ready for the wedding I decide to let it slide as a one last time of her just being a little wild and having fun, and continue with the wedding as planned as she wanted the same thing. I did a wet t-shirt contest a few days after I got here.

Its all good, as long as its all out of your system now and its just us now? She agreed and needless to say after all those hot confessions we fucked like rabbits that night lol. Friends) and having a great ole time, and I was fine with it as she was talking to me on the phone and would tell me everything that would go on. I couldnt help but laugh so she laughed too, I told her, honestly!

With a little smirk on her face! was I surprised with what I saw on her phone, nudes! I confront her, she says she was drunk and doesnt remember everything but she did remember kissing a guy! Nudes That I hadnt even seen before (she used to send me nudes every day). Well her phone ends up breaking, not sure what happened, but it wont turn on.

That she had sent to at least 10 different guys with replies of theyre junk. We get back home, life is amazing for a few months and then I have to leave out of town again for work, and next thing you know shes out clubbing in California, making new girl friends (Super hot! In a mellow way lol cause at this point I knew we were done! So when I get back home, its a Friday night so I told her to go out and have fun with her friends and Ill fix mature women your phone.

I sent her a screenshot of her nudes/fucking texts mature women saying why? As hell) and her friends half naked etc. She called me panicking saying shes on her way home to please give her a chance to explain. Pictures of her fucking and blowing a guy as well as texts/sexts saying how much she loves his cock and misses him in her mouth and that she "LOVES HIM" I lost it!

Sexting with random guys she met at the club, pictures of her and friends partying it up dressed like a complete slut! It was just for fun nothing more! And she got home and immediately broke down crying saying shes not her self anymore and she doesnt know why shes doing this that she regrets it every time she does it but that she just gets lonely and her friends are always out having fun so she just wanted to have fun to and the sex never meant anything!

With detail from each guy, what you did and what they did to you and how it felt etc. She immediately told me everything! She still loves me soooo much and to please dont leave her, Ill do anything! And it actually turned me on to the point I couldnt handle it and we had hot sex the rest of the night.

You want me to, she says. Later that night my wife invited one over and it was the wildest/hottest night of my life! A couple weeks later she took me out clubbing with her hot girl friends, we got up to dance and her friends all started sandwiching me freakin on me shaking their ass and rubbing my hands on their tits, I was getting pretty worked up.

Its been 3 years now and I still cant get her off my mind (mostly the sex and her blowjobs were just mesmerizing! In my perverted mind Im just at a loss for words now and hope, I tell her if you confess and tell me everything! And We all had a great time. But We got divorced a few months later and a bunch of breakup sex/blowjobs later lol.

And if I wanted to I could have a Hall pass with one of her clubbing friends. I dont think she felt she was worthy of my love afterwards tho, like she just didnt value herself enough anymore and let her self go wild! s we were both 20 when we started dating. And turned into a complete slut!

And thats my honest feelings. And loving wife, but I still jerkoff to my exs nudes and remembering her blowjobs and slutty stories. And have since been remarried to an amazing! Whom Id still love and be married to if she would have just realized I loved her no matter what!

Nobody has since came even close! To giving head like my ex. And her smoking hot body) but truthfully I still loved her and still do, she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, without a doubt in my mind, even after all her cheating I still loved her just as much as before I new she cheated.

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