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When it ended, I kept it to myself, and my husband Jack never learned what had happened. Affairs of a Life- Chapter 02 "The Seminar" byHipsGentlyRising My name is Laine, and almost one year had passed my first affair. Jack would have continued being happy with a quick five minute ritual on Saturday nights — missionary position only, of course. Unplanned and unexpected, it had taken me places sexually that I had never known.

I have worked very hard at making our marriage stronger, including trying to improve our sex life. One night I even got him to try fucking me from behind, my head on the pillow and ass in the air, but he made it obvious that he thought that to be strange. Sex life aside, both of our careers continued to prosper.

However, I continued at trying to make him more adventurous. While it was only about a one hour drive away, several of my co-workers had planned to stay at the hotel. And when trying to share oral sex, that was totally off limits with him. I do not know if it was that Jack's penis was not very large, that he came almost immediately, or if it was something I was doing wrong.

Regardless, I kept trying. The week before the seminar, Jack said "Laine, I would feel better if you stayed at the hotel, and not worry about having a drink and driving home. Saturday was the seminar from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with a dinner that evening. Initially, I thought that I would just stay at home and drive each day. I arrived a little after 3:00 PM on Friday and checked in, and while at the desk, meet several people I know who were already there.

I went to my room and unpacked, then slipped into my yoga pants and crop top and headed to the exercise room. Besides, it might be a good idea to take the opportunity to socialize a little with others. The schedule for the seminar was to arrive Friday afternoon, with light hors d'oeuvres and drinks that evening. Turning 30 years old had been a shock to me, so I had been working out daily to keep myself in good physical condition.

About two minutes later he exclaimed "My God I cannot believe it — it's Elaine! " It was Danny Jenkins, who I had gone to college with, and had not seen since the day we graduated. About thirty minutes into my treadmill routine, I heard the door to the exercise room open and out of the corner of my eye noticed a guy climb on the treadmill next to me.

I had finished first in my class with a 3. Running six miles daily, lifting weights and teaching an aerobics class four nights a week had me looking pretty good. 98 GPA, frustrated that I could not reach that perfect 4. Danny and another friend, Roger Yates, had finished right behind me with 3. I had a seminar scheduled in a few weeks, to be held in a hotel on the other side of the city.

0 GPA, and I definitely fell into the shy and nerdy category. We had been best friends in college, and they both readily admitted that they had tried their best to get my panties off of me. It was then that Danny commented, "damn, you are in great shape Laine, and to mature women mature women think I missed out on you in college!

I however, was saving myself for my future husband. " And I found myself looking at him and, "wow, I really missed out too! Danny's eyes kept straying down, and I realized that in my running top my nipples were quite prominent and the sweat from running had soaked my pants, outlining my pussy.

" Excusing myself, I headed back to my room to get ready for the reception. I had purchased a new dress the previous week, hoping Jack would find it seductive, but he just looked at me and commented "that's nice.

A short black cocktail dress with a slit on the side, and cut low in front, it was a little risque for me, but I thought I would use the opportunity to show off how hard I had worked on my body. We chatted for quite awhile, laughing about the "old days", our hairstyles — mine was down to my waist and Roger wore a huge afro. Because the dress was cut so low, I had purchased one of those half-cup pushup bras that just covered my nipples.

The black silk thong fit just perfect and allowed the dress to accentuate my butt cheeks. I also thought, "Laine, you're getting a little full of yourself, so practice some humility. " So, I decided I would wear it to the seminar reception. " The reception was wonderful, providing the opportunity to meet many people that I had not seen for years.

Drinks were flowing freely, so I was glad I had planned to stay overnight. I took a shower, did all of the girly things and got dressed. I might add that the dress was a hit — especially riding up my thighs when sitting on a bar stool.

At one point several people decided to go to the hot tub and pool area, which sounded good to me, so I headed to my room to get my swim suit. Sunday was departure at our convenience. With the dress on, I admired myself in the mirror, proud of how I looked at almost 31 years of age.

" Kissing me softly on the lips, I caught my breath, thinking "no, I cannot cheat again". Danny's hands slid down my back to my butt, cupping each cheek in his large hands as our kisses became more urgent. He stepped back and turned me towards the dressing mirror, pulling my dress over my head. When I opened my door he just pushed it open a little more and stepped into my room.

As he unhooked my bra and took my breasts in his hands, I was embarrassed to see that my panties were already wet. I teased him about trying to make up for lost time in college, and he said "oh yes, I'm more than going to make up for lost time.

Danny rode up the elevator with me, and got off the same floor. Slowly he worked down my body, kissing each inch of me, and lingering just above my pussy, he exclaimed "well look at little mature women Laine, all waxed and clean! " He stood up and undressed down to his boxers, and I could see his large cock through the fabric. Danny grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me to the end of the bed.

Never having experienced this before, I had an immediate orgasm. He continued sucking and nibbling on me, bringing me to the edge over and over, until I had one orgasm after another, moaning and screaming with the incredible pleasure he brought me. Picking me up and laying me on the bed, his took my nipples in his mouth, one then the other, making them harder than ever before.

Never in my life had I imagined it would feel like this, and I did not want it to stop. Expecting him to enter me, I was stunned as his mouth went down on me and sucked on me, quickly finding my clit with his tongue. Danny finally raised up and slid up my body, kissing me and letting me taste my juices.

But my tongue found his as we kissed more deeply. He rolled off me and lay down on his back, his cock out of his shorts. My pussy was already sopping wet, and he immediately began fucking me hard, again bringing me to an orgasm. At some point Danny rolled me onto my back and roughly pulled me to the end of the bed. " The position allowed him to penetrate me totally, and he came it was like an explosion, causing me to scream over and over.

He then climbed on the bed, bent my legs back to my shoulders and said, "time to finish you off Laine. I had already given in to whatever Danny wanted to do at this point. Dressed in more conservative business casual wear, I left my room as the person in the adjoining room was also leaving.

Standing, he grabbed my ankles, pulling my legs apart, and slid his engorged cock all the way in me, causing me to scream with pleasure. " The next morning I barely got up on time to get ready for the seminar. He stood up and dressed, saying, thanks Elaine, I always knew I was missing something during college.

He pulled me on top of him, setting me down on his mouth, as he continued to nibble and suck my pussy, using his tongue on my clit and bringing me to an orgasm that almost caused me to pass out. " I ran into Danny first thing, and he was totally the professional, but with just a hint of a smile on his face as he introduced me to some of his friends.

As we started to get seated, Danny said "hey Laine, recognize this guy? " I asked her why she was thanking me, and she said that she so enjoyed the sounds from my room that she masturbated for hours just listing to us. Somewhat embarrassed, I said "let's head down to the seminar.

And of course, the afro was mature women missing, and his head was shaved totally smooth. I was somewhat speechless — he was absolutely gorgeous! She looked at me, smiled and said "thank you. He was so much larger, and you could see the muscles rippling under his shirt, all as a result of having played semi-pro football for several years. Today was me weight lifting day, so I had started on the free all over 30 porn pics, just click the following article, weights when Roger walked in.

" It was Roger Yates, the other person from out college trio, but I hardly recognized him. In shorts and a tank top, his body was even more amazing! We went to our rooms and met at the banquet hall, and following the dinner and award presentations we decided to go to the lounge for a drink. When I had completed my routine, he let his hand drop to my thigh, causing me to tingle all over, then he casually slid his hand up, his finger sliding up my slit, almost causing an immediate orgasm.

I slid my hands down his back, feeling his rock-hard butt, then slid my hand to the front of his pants, brushing against his cock. All I could think about was, "could I actually get this stunning man in bed with me? A nice band was playing in the corner, and Roger asked me to dance. Not to mention how his cock looked in his tight workout shorts — wow! Picking me up, he somehow shed all of his clothes, and in the middle of the room rammed his cock into my wet pussy Holding me like I was a feather, he continued fucking me, my legs around his waist.

After a few minutes, he asked if I would mind if he made a few suggestions regarding my lifting form. We opened my door and walked in, and without a word he kissed me deeply, pulled my dress off my shoulders, my panties dropping to the floor. Glancing at the mirror in the room, the starkness of his black skin against my fair white skin excited me even more.

Roger lifted me off him, leaning me over the back of a chair, then slide into me once again. I was aware of someone moaning and screaming, recognizing my own voice. Then I realized that he had only been putting half of his beautiful cock inside me! At some point he let out a tremendous yell, pulling my hips tight against him, and I could feel his cum spurting again and again inside me, filling me.

Almost immediately he was rock hard again, tossed me on the bed on my stomach, then raised my hips to meet him. I lost track of how many times I came, then once again he pulled my hips tight to him and yelled loudly as he sent spurt after spurt of his cum deep into me. At that point, we were both spent, or so I thought.

He flipped me over on my back, pinned my ankles by my head, and entered me again. This time however, he slowly worked all of his cock into me, then started a steady rhythm, pushing into places I could never have imagined. " I simply asked him back to my room, making no pretense as to why, and was stunned when he said yes. Again, I lost count of the orgasms, nearly passing out more than once.

All I could see in the mirror was that beautiful black cock entering me time and again. I got up early Sunday morning and headed home. Feeling so guilty not only from cheating again, but from the pleasure I received having both Danny and Roger fuck me, I cried all the way home. We showered together, fucking one last time under the water, then he left.

He was once again inside me, fucking me alternately slow then fast. After the seminar, I headed to the exercise room for a quick workout, and Roger asked if he could join me. This time it was very rough, as he pounded and pounded my bare pussy. " Leaving the bath, I noticed something shiny in the trash can. I had decided the only right thing to do was to confess to Jack what had happened and beg his forgiveness.

Looking closer, I lifted some Kleenex tissue off the top, and to my surprise there were two used condoms and condom packages in the trash. Obviously there had been some activity while I was gone. Without looking up from his newspaper, he asked how the seminar went, and I simply said "OK, but I have something I need to talk about with you.

" I went to our bedroom bath to clean my face up a little, then looked in the mirror, saying to myself, "Laine, you need to be upfront and tell Jack what happened, regardless of the consequences. I walked downstairs and Jack said "what was it you wanted to talk about?

" Smiling, I said "nothing — everything is fine, just fine. " HipsGentlyRising [3 comments] Walking in the door, I said hello to my husband.

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