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After college I moved about miles away from home to the middle of no where. He was totally my type, tall, broad, maybe a little bit of a belly, but generally fit, super short cut brown hair and big brown eyes. He asked me to text him a few of the photos I took at the event.

This continued for a few days so when he invited me over to "watch a movie" I was all for it. I did and didn't think much of it at all for a few months when he started randomly texting me. Now I lived in a town in the middle of no where, but he lived in the middle of no where on a farm. I spend the first few months just friendless and depressed when I met Mike at an event I was volunteering at.

I knew exactly what he was mature women looking for because it was random texting out of no where and then it got flirty pretty fast (I think the fifth or sixth text was something along the lines of "I've been thinking about your ass since I met you"), but I was in a huge dry spell since my move, so I flirted right back. Probably not the smartest to be a -year-old woman, unfamiliar with the area, driving down twisty back dirt roads to go hook up with a guy, but whatever.

At the time I was young and dumb, but I was also pretty horny so this seemed ok. Where I'm from this doesn't happen, so it's a little unnerving. Anyway, I show up at Mike's house and to make it even scarier, there's heat lightning going on like crazy. As soon photos of mature women naked as I pull up, Mike comes out onto his porch wearing just some basketball shorts.

I'm obviously still here to tell you the story. He leans me back against my car and there's thunder and lightning cracking all around us, making the electricity already there feel even hotter. He'd told me during our text flirting that he was big, but I could now tell he wasn't lying by looking at his shorts.

I was about '/ with big tits (DD) and a pretty nice ass (Mike had told me so. He's got a hand on each hip, pulling me to him while he's kissing my neck. He lived in a tiny little cottage on the farm and we're barely in the front door before his hands are all over me again.

I showered, did some quick grooming, put on my best bra and underwear, and went right over. "I thought you wanted to watch a movie," I say. "My DVD player's broke," he responds. ) I'm laying on my back and he's on top of me. ) I was shy so until one came on to me as overtly as Mike mature women was, I hadn't been able to find a guy in my new home.

He slips off my shirt and says "oh shit those are nice" and then kisses down to my nipples. I was wearing a sheer lace bra that just barely went over the top of the nipples and he starts sucking them through it. He meets me at my car and just says "hey" before he starts kissing me. As we do this, he moves me to the couch which is just in the middle of the room, separating the living room area from the kitchen area (all one big room.

Now I've always had super sensitive nipples and they were rock hard at that point. He stands up to kick them aside and I sit up to get a good look. He moans a little and asks me if I want to taste it. He's bigger than anyone I'd ever seen (which he was only the forth at that point, but even now, he's still the biggest I've seen) and I guess my jaw was just stunned and not doing anything so he takes my hand and puts it around the base.

I start slowly stroking it. After a few minutes of just making out like teenagers, he invites me inside. I slowly slide my head down it and realize I'm not going to be able mature women to get the full thing in, so I take both hands and press both palms together and interlace the fingers around it at the base as I make sure they're covered with spit.

I take the tip in my mouth and start swirling my tongue around it. He groans as I start moving them up and down with my head. I eagerly nod and he moves me so that he's sitting on the couch and I'm kneeling in front of him. He pushes my legs open a little and starts rubbing his first two fingers in circles on my clit with one hand, while pushing my bra cups down with the other.

I laugh and resume making out with him. I'm arching my back and moaning while nude old ladies he does this so I reach up and slide down his shorts. He quickly puts a condom on and I put one hand on either side of his head on the back of the couch and slowly slide down his hard dick, watching his eyes roll back in his head.

He grabs my head and pushes it down until I gag and he groans each time. I was totally not expecting it, but scream in pleasure and start fucking faster. He motions for me to come forward and I walk up to the edge of the couch. I tell him I'm about to cum and he reaches back and slaps me even harder. I can feel the couch shaking and moving around the little room.

He's squeezing my ass and guiding me up and down and a nice slow pace when he pulls his hand back and slaps my ass. He starts sucking and nibbling on my nipples as he rubs and rubs on the clit. I explode and come down so hard on his lap that the entire couch tips back and holds for a second before falling back down on it's legs. He's really gaining momentum and grunting when we see headlights coming through the front window.

I move his hand and climb on the couch, straddling him. "Shit, my roommate's home," he says. He grabs my hand and we run into his bedroom right off the main room. He laughs as I slow down, worried we're going to fuck the couch over. I can faintly hear his roommate come in and turn the TV on in the living room and I remember all my clothing but my bra are strewn around out there, but this feels way too good to stop.

Hear him sigh "That is such a fantastic ass," before I feel his fingers spreading me open and him entering again. He raises my legs up over his shoulders and it's starting to feel really good and I'm thinking maybe I'll get a second orgasm. He picks me up (I'm pretty sure he never actually came out of me) and lays me on the floor right in front of where were were and starts fucking me on the carpet (I ended up with some nasty rug burn on the back of my shoulders which was tough given that it was summer and I couldn't really wear tank tops without some serious questions).

He shuts the door and motions for me to get on all over 30 models fours on his bed and I do. I can feel myself tighten around him as he gets faster and faster. The idea that someone is listening in on all of this is turning me on even more. "I want to fuck you," he tells me so I stand up and slide my shorts and panties off.

I bury my face in a pillow to keep from being too loud, but I'm moaning like crazy (I've been told I'm not exactly quiet during good sex. He's grabbing my hips and thrusting in when I feel him reach back and slap again.

He pulls me back a few more times, a little gentler before pushing me down to the bed and collapsing on me. I can tell he's about to cum and he takes both hands and pulls my hips to him as hard as he can, completely burried in me and I feel him start to shake as he cums, deep inside with me squeezing him. Still not sure that was as good as the first.

We ended up hooking up a few more times, but none as good as that one until a few years later. ) He reaches that hand around and starts fingering the clit again and I just explode.

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